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Homeschooling Preschool


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Never worry about what you're going to teach when homeschooling preschool with our Complete Lesson Plans for September! 

This set contains the lesson plans and activities for:

  • Week 1: Back to School
  • Week 2: All About Me
  • Week 3: Families
  • Week 4: Community Helpers
  • Bonus Week 4b: Friendship

You will receive:

  • Written descriptions for each activity and lesson for each day of the 4-day instruction week. That's 20 lessons per week and 100 lessons total for the month! These will be delivered electronically in printable PDF format.
  • Language Arts, Phonics, Math, Science/Social Studies, and More are included each week!
  • A recommended picture book reading list to take with you to the library.
  • All of the printables and activity templates that you'll need for each week delivered electronically in printable PDF format. (No activity sheets/worksheets will be mailed to you.)
  • An invitation to join our exclusive Homeschooling Preschool curriculum group where you can ask for advice, get support, and gather ideas.



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